Contractor Registries in Canada

Safety Compliance Packages and Qualifications 

At COR Solutions, we build a personalized safety compliance package for each of our clients and their particular industry to keep their company on top of safety standards.

In Western Canada, there are a number of firms that offer safety qualification services to companies in Canada and all over the globe. These services are becoming more and more popular in Western Canada and more requirements are surfacing for subcontractors to become qualified through such firms, especially within the oil and gas division.

The main firms that we partner with here in Western Canada are:

  • ISNetworld
    RAVS & MSQ Questionnaire
  • ComplyWorks
  • Avetta
  • CanQual

COR Solutions can help you and your company obtain certification from these firms. Call us today at 866.530.4267 and let us develop a safety compliance package for you.



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