NEW COR and SECOR Audit Protocol


As of January 1, 2019, the requirements for Achieving and Maintaining COR Certification have updated. The COR Audit protocol has been updated and changed in some significant ways.

All COR Audits going forward will be audited using the new COR Audit Protocol.

For Example, the ACSA COR Audit has changed from 14 Sections to 10 sections, and the order of the material has been completely moved around, and some sections have been removed from the document, and other sections have been added. (See attached).

The COR Audit Protocols for the AASP, AMTA and all other Certifying Partners have all changed to meet the new COR requirements.

These changes have been adopted by the Partners in Injury Reduction, the organization that oversees all the Certifying Partners for the COR Program.

We are now able to offer our clients a rebuild of their Safety Manuals in the new format to enable them to be able to pass a Certification, Recertification or Maintenance COR audit.

This includes 2 hard copies of the Safety Manual and an electronic copy on a memory stick.

Please contact us to discuss if this is something that you would like us to assist with.