What you need to know about the new COR certification requirements

May 3, 2019
COR Solutions
What you need to know about the new COR certification requirements

The Changes in Bill 30

Download our 2-page PDF summary of Bill 30 training compliance and our recommended online training for Bill 30

So you’re responsible for your organization’s health and safety program and you’re aware of Bill 30. If you’re unsure whether you need to be doing anything in response to the changes, the simple answer is “yes” - either right away, or, if you’re a SECOR certified company, soon.

Significant new legislation was introduced in June 2018, including sections on violence and harassment in the workplace. These elements have now been incorporated into the COR safety manuals. In other words, you’ll need to ensure that these policies are addressed in your manual in order to gain or keep your COR certification.

There are various certifying partners in Alberta. How your safety manual looks will depend on which partner you certify with.

The changes require more than just an appendix to your current safety manual

The Bill 30 changes were significant enough for us to do a complete revamp of all our manual layouts here at COR Solutions. Since the COR certifying partners’ audit documents have been similarly reorganised, we strongly recommend that you bring your manuals into alignment. The Alberta Construction Safety Association, for example, has undergone a complete reshuffle of its audit documents, which went from 14 sections down to 10. It is in your best interests to expedite your audit by providing the auditor with an up-to-date manual.

Have the new elements been incorporated into SECOR?

Not yet. It has been a major undertaking for certifying partners to apply these changes to COR certified companies. As a result, they have not been incorporated into the SECOR audit manuals yet.

If you are SECOR certified, then, you do not need to update your manuals immediately. Of course, the legislation has passed so these changes will come to SECOR, too. This is something to be aware of so that you are ready to incorporate these updates when the new requirements come into force for SECOR companies.

Contact COR solutions now if you’d like to bring your organization into alignment with the latest COR and SECOR certifications.


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