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SECOR and COR Certification

SECOR and COR Certificate Programs

With the help of COR Solutions, you can quickly and accurately obtain your Small Employer Certificate of Recognition (SECOR) or your Certificate of Recognition (COR). These certifications align your business with Canada’s Safety Compliance requirements.

Certifying Partners for Getting COR certification:

Companies that want to achieve or maintain a Certificate of Recognition must get qualified through one of these Certifying Partners. This requires the company undergoing an audit by their Certifying Partner.

These Certifying Partners are overseen by Partners in Injury Reduction. This organization is composed of representatives from Government, Industry and WCB. They provide the guidelines that all the CPs must adhere to.

SECOR / COR Audits

If you already have a safety program in place, COR Solutions will work with you to prepare a SECOR/COR Audit Submission. As part of this process we will ensure that your safety program is compliant and has all necessary elements to address the requirements of the audit. With over 16 years of experience in completing SECOR/COR Audit submissions, we have a very good record of passing these audits on the first review

Custom Solutions

We develop a customized safety program that is completely tailored to your company. The program encompasses every task that is conducted in your work environment on a daily basis to ensure operations are performed efficiently and safely. Our method guarantees that you will pass a COR safety inspection or audit with flying colors.

Our extensive safety programs include the following items to better serve and educate our clients:

  • Safety Manuals

  • Safety Forms Binders

  • Maintenance Records

  • Training Records


These full service safety programs have helped thousands of businesses obtain their COR/SECOR Certifications.

Give us a call at 866.530.4267 so we can help you too!  

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