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Maintain Safety & Compliance


We offer compliance consulting for a wide range of different safety standards including COR/SECOR Safety Program development for all industries, SECOR Audit Submission Preparation, COR Pre-Audit Gap Analysis and assistance.

Additionally, we offer assistance with registration and subscription population with ISNetworld, Complyworks, Avetta and other Contractor Registries. Compliance Safety legislation is applicable to every industry and it can be quite a challenge for businesses to implement the mandated regulations associated with industry compliance standards. That is where we come in. At COR Solutions, we will assist you with fully understanding and implementing the ideal safety solutions for your business.

Safety Program Implementation Plan: (SPi Plan)


Having achieved a SECOR is necessary to get work or being ready to go to work for companies that require their subcontractors to have a SECOR. Our SPiP Program makes this process easy as well as ensuring that your safety program is being implemented on an ongoing basis. As part of this program, we send you Monthly and Quarterly PDF packages of required forms for you to complete so that you are generating the completed documentation required for a SECOR audit submission. You forward us the completed docs and we keep them on file for the next audit submission. This allows companies to implement their safety programs on an ongoing basis instead of creating the required paperwork just prior to when the audit is due, which some companies do. The SPiP would also include addressing the items from the previous audit that require improvement or need to be added.

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